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-====== Dr. Gahl and Dr. Huizing ====== 
-{{  about_arm:​bill_and_marjan.jpg?​250| Dr. Gahl & Dr. Huizing}} 
-Dr. William Gahl and Dr. Marjan Huizing run a dynamic fast paced research group at National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), National Institutes of Health (NIH).  ​ 
-Besides their numerous accomplishments as scientists, they are truly amazing individuals who selflessly care for the well being of people affected with serious debilitating and life threatening disorders. ​ They are passionate about developing therapies for debilitating diseases and have had numerous achievements towards this noble purpose.  ​ 
-Dr. Gahl and Dr. Huizing were first introduced to ARM and HIBM in 2003, and immediately recognized the possibility to develop effective therapy. ​ Since then, developing therapy for HIBM is one of their goals. 
-For more information,​ visit the NHGRI website for [[http://​​11007099 |Dr. Huizing]] and [[http://​​10005723 |Dr. Gahl]].