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Nadia Adhami


Nadia Adhami has been an active member of ARM since 1998. She assists in organizing ARM programs, managing funds for grant recipients of HIBM research, and other sponsored activities. Prior to her involvement with ARM, Ms. Adhami has served on the board of several other nonprofit organizations. Ms. Adhami's education includes a Master of Science in Computer Sciences. Following 10 years of experience at NASA Jet Propulsion laboratory, she became a recipient of a NASA patent.

“After witnessing the devastation that HIBM unleashes on its victims at the prime of their lives, I was propelled to devote myself to this most deserving cause. It has been a personal privilege for me to work alongside Daniel, Babak, and other dedicated volunteers who are also passionate about ridding the world of this genetic illness. The groundbreaking research we are funding at institutions around the globe will one day alleviate the debilitating effects of this illness and ultimately lead to a cure for our generation and the ones to come.”