Spectrum of IBM2 Mutations

GNE Mutations Associated with IBM2/DMRV/HIBM/QSM, updated 8/03/2012.

Table 1 is organized by reported patient(s). Table 2 is organized by the specific mutation. Mutations are reported using “E[Exon number]:” or “I[Intron number]” followed by “p.[Protein change]” or “c.[cDNA change]” followed by codon change in parentheses.

Table 1 (Patients Reported)

Pts Geographic Location Family Origin Allele 1 Allele 2 Reference
148 Middle-East, USA, Europe Iranian Jewish E12: p.M712T (agt>acg) Homozygous [1,2]
2 India Asian Indian E05: p.C303X (tgt>tga) E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg) [1]
4 Bahamas Bahaman E04: p.D225N (gac>aac) E04: p.R246Q (cgg>cag) [1]
2 GA, USA American E10: p.G576E (ggg>gag) E11: p.A631T (gcg>acg) [1]
3 CA, USA Iranian Non-Jewish E12: p.M712T (agt>acg) Homozygous [2]
2 TX, USA Am-South American E09: p.A524V (gcg>gtg) E12: p.Y675H (tat>cat) [2]
1 CA, USA American European E03: p.G135V (ggt>gtt) E04: p.R246W (cgg>tgg) [2]
15 Japan Japanese E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) Homozygous [3-5]
1 Japan Japanese E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) Homozygous [3,5]
1 Japan Japanese E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) E05: p.C303V (tgt>gtt) [3,12]
1 Japan Japanese E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [5]
2 Ireland Irish E07: p.D378Y (gat>tat) E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) [5,6]
1 Japan Japanese E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) Homozygous [5]
1 Japan Japanese I04: IVS4+4 (Skip E04) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [5]
1 Japan Japanese E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) E06: p.V331A (gtt>gct) [5]
1 Japan Japanese E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) E03: p.H132Q (cac<cag) [5]
1 Japan Japanese E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) E11: p.A630T (gct<act) [5]
1 Japan Japanese E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) E09: p.I472T (att>act) [5]
1 Japan Japanese E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) E05: p.R306Q (cga>caa) [5]
1 Japan Japanese E02: 10c.-ins>frameshift E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [5]
1 Japan Japanese E03: p.R177C (cgc>tgc) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [5]
5 Middle East Mid East Muslim E12: p.M712T (agt>acg) Homozygous [6]
2 USA American E10: p.I587T (att>act) Homozygous [6]
2 Germany German E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) E09: p.F528C (ttt>tgt) [6]
2 Italy Italian E02: p.P36L (cct>ctt) E10: p.I557T (atc>acc) [6]
1 USA American E03: p.I200F (atc>ttc) E07: p.D378Y (gat>tat) [6]
2 Italy Italian E03: p.M171V (atg>gtg) E12: p.M712T (atg>acg) [7]
2 Italy Italian E03: p.R162C (cgc>tgc) E03-E09 deletion [8]
2 Japan Japanese E08: p.A460V (gct>gtt) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [9]
2 USA American E04: p.V216A (gtt>gct) E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) [10]
2 USA Asian Indian E05: p.C303X (tgt>tga) E11: p.A631T (gcg>acg) [10]
2 Japan Japanese E09: p.I472T (att>act) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [11]
9 Japan Japanese E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) Homozygous [12]
1 Japan Japanese E10: p.I557T (atc>acc) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [12]
1 Japan Japanese E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) E12: p.M712T (agt>acg) [12]
1 Japan Japanese E07: p.V421A (gtt>gct) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [12]
1 Japan Japanese E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) Homozygous [12]
1 Japan Japanese E02: p.C13S (tgt>tct) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [12]
1 Japan Japanese E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [12]
1 Japan Japanese E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) P.P283S (cca>tca) [12]
1 Japan Japanese E03: p.R129Q (cga>caa) E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) [12]
1 Japan Japanese E07: p.V421A (gtt>gct) E12: G708S (ggt>agt) [12]
1 Japan Japanese E07: p.R420X (cga>tga) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [12]
1 Japan Japanese E02: p.C13S (tgt>tct) E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) [12]
1 Germany Iran-NonJew E07: p.V367I (gtt>att) Homozygous [13]
1 USA American E04: p.V216A (gtt>gct) E11:A631V (gcg>gtg) [14]
1 Asia Asian Indian E02: p.R11W (cgg>tgg) E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg) [14]
1 Asia Asian Indian E05: p.C303Xstop (tgt>tga) E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg [14]
1 Greece Greek E03: p.R202L (cgc>ctc) E10:p.G559R (gga>aga) [14]
2 Italy Italian E09: p.N519S (aac>agc) Homozygous [15]
1 Italy Italian E02: p.P27S (cct>tct) Homozygous [15]
2 Italy Italian E10: p.A600T (gca>aca) E03: p.G206fsX4 (ggt>delG, V209X) [15]
1 Italy Italian E04: p.R246Q (cgg>cag) I06: Alternative Splicing Q355_C357del/G352fsX15 (c.1070+2dupT, insertion) [15]
1 Italy Italian E03: p.G206S (ggt>agt) E07: p.I377fsX16 (1130delT] [15]
5 Tunisia Tunisia E12: p.M712T (atg>acg) Homozygous [16]
4 Tunisia Tunisia E07: p.L379H (ctt>cat) Homozygous [16]
2 Taiwan Chinese E04: p.I241S (atc>agc) E09: p.W513X (tgg>tga) [17,32]
4 Korea Korean E02: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) Homozygous [18]
1 Korea Korean E02: p.C13S (tgt>tct) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [18]
1 Korea Korean E02: p.C13S (tgt>tct) E02: p.M29T (atg>acg) [18]
1 Korea Korean E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) E10: A591T (gcc>acc) [18]
1 Korea Korean E03: p.R129Q (cga>caa) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [18]
1 USA ?Italy E06: p.L347del, p.H348N (ctgcac>aac) E06: p.R335W (cgg>tgg) [19]
1 Asia Asian E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) homozygous [20]
2 Taiwan Taiwanese E04: p.I241S (atc>agc) E04: p.R246Q (cgg>cag) [21,32]
1 Thailand Thai E03: p.G89R (ggc>cgc) E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg) [22]
1 Thailand Thai E09: p.A524V (gcg>gtg) E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg) [22]
1 Thailand Thai E09: p.P511L (cct>ctt) E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg) [22]
1 Thailand Thai E11: p.I656N (atc>aac) E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg) [22]
1 Asia Asian E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) E09: p.P511H (cct>cat) [23]
2 France [24]
1 France E05: p.R277C (cgt>tgt) [24]
1 France E12: p.V679G (gtc>ggc) [24]
19 Various New patients, previously reported mutations [25]
1 USA Am/Eur Caucasian E02: p.R8X (cga>tga) E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) [25]
1 Canada Am/Eur Caucasian E03: p.R71W (agg>tgg) Homozygous [25]
1 USA Am/Eur Caucasian E03: p.I142T (att>act) E04: p.R246Q (cgg>cag) [25]
1 USA Am/Eur Caucasian E03: p.W204X (tgg>tga) E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) [25]
1 USA/India Asian Indian E05: p.I298T (att>act) E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg) [25]
1 USA/Taiwan Taiwanese E08: p.Q436X (cag>tag) E04: p.R246Q (cgg>cag) [25]
1 USA Am/Eur Caucasian E10: p.L556S (ttg>tcg) E06: p.R335W (cgg>tgg) [25]
1 USA Am/Eur Caucasian E11: p.S615X (tca>tga) E12: p.Y675H (tat>cat) [25]
1 USA Am/Eur Caucasian E02: p.E2G (gag>ggg) Homozygous [25]
2 Netherland Caucasian E08: p.K432RfsX17 (aag>ag) E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg) [26]
1 Italy Egyptian Muslim E12: p.M712T (agt>acg) Homozygous [27]
1 Italy Italian E03: p.L179F (ctt>ttt) E10: p.I587T (att>act) [27]
2 Germany Italian E04: p.R246W (cgg>tgg) E05: p.A310P (gct>cct) [28]
23 India Asian-Indian Unknown [29]
2 USA Caucasian E09: p.F528C (ttt>tgt) E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) [30]
1 USA Caucasian E02: p.A26P (gcc>ccc) E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) [31]
1 USA Caucasian E06: p.H333R (cat>cgt) E07: p.Y361X (tat>tag) [31]
3 China Chinese E09: p.L508S (ttg>tcg) E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) [32]
2 China Chinese E02: p.I51M (ata>atg) E09: p.L508S (ttg>tcg) [32]
1 China Chinese E02: p.E35K (gaa>aaa) E09: p.L508S (ttg>tcg) [32]
1 China Chinese E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) E09: p.L508S (ttg>tcg) [32]
1 China Chinese E10: p.I587T (att>act) homozygous [32]
1 China Chinese E09: p.H509Y (cat>tat) homozygous [32,33]
1 China Chinese E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) [32,33]
1 Thailand Asian E05: p.L290X (ttg>tag) E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg) [34]
5 USA Unkown I10: p.G545_D605del (c.1816+5G>A) E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg) [35]
5 China Chinese reported p.D176V, p.I298T, p.A591T, P.A631V, p.V696M novel E03: p.I106T (atc>acc) [36]
3 Japan Japanese E03: p.R101H (cgc>cac) I03: c.617-4A>G [37]
360 Total Published Cases of IBM2/DMRV/QSM/HIBM

Table 2 (By GNE Mutation)

Exon Intron: GNE Mutation No of Patient Probable Allele Origin Phenotype Reference
E02: p.E2G (gag>ggg) 1 Am/Eur IBM2/DMRV [25]
E02: p.R8X (cga>tga) 1 Am/Eur IBM2/DMRV [25]
E02: p.R11W (cgg>tgg) 1 India IBM2/DMRV [14]
E02: Exon-02(10b insert), frame-shift 1 Japan IBM2/DMRV [5]
E02: p.C13S (tgt>tct) 4 Japan IBM2/DMRV [12, 18]
E02: p.P27S (cct>tct) 1 Italy IBM2/DMRV [15]
E02: p.A26P(gcc>ccc) 1 USA IBM2/DMRV [31]
E02: p.M29T (atg>acg) 1 Korea IBM2/DMRV [18]
E02: p.E35K (gaa>aaa) 1 China IBM2/DMRV [32]
E02: p.P36L (cct>ctt) 1 Italy IBM2/DMRV [6]
E02: p.I51M (ata>atg) 2 China IBM2/DMRV [32]
E02: p.R71W (agg>tgg) 1 Am/Eur IBM2/DMRV [25]
I03: c.617-4A>G 3 Japan IBM2/DMRV [37]
E03: p.G89R (ggc>cgc) 1 Thailand IBM2/DMRV [21]
E03: p.I106T (atc>acc) 1 China IBM2/DMRV [36]
E03: p.R101H (cgc>cac) 3 Japan IBM2/DMRV [37]
E03: p.R129Q (cga>caa) 2 Japan, Korea IBM2/DMRV [12,18]
E03: p.H132Q (cac>cag) 1 Japan IBM2/DMRV [5]
E03: p.G135V (ggt>gtt) 1 Europe- IBM2/DMRV [2]
E03: p.I142T (att>act) 1 Am/Eur IBM2/DMRV [25]
E03: p.R162C (cgc>tgc) 2 Italy IBM2/DMRV [8]
E03: p.M171V (atg>gtg) 1 Italy IBM2/DMRV [7]
E03: p.D176V (gat>gtt) 15 Japan, China IBM2/DMRV [5,12,32,36]
E03: p.R177C (cgc>tgc) 1 Japan IBM2/DMRV [5]
E03: p.L179F (ctt>ttt) 1 Italy IBM2/DMRV [27]
E03: p.I200F (atc>ttc) 1 America IBM2/DMRV [6]
E03: p.R202L (cgc>ctc) 1 Greece BM2/DMRV [14]
E03: p.W204X (tgg>tga) 1 Am/Eur IBM2/DMRV [25]
E04: p.G206S (ggt>agt) 1 Italy IBM2/DMRV [15]
E04: p.G206fsX4 (ggt>gt, V209X) 2 Italy IBM2/DMRV [15]
E04: p.V216A (gtt>gct) 2 America IBM2/DMRV [10,14]
E04: p.D225N (gac>aac) 4 Bahama IBM2/DMRV [1]
E04: p.I241S (atc>agc) 4 Chinese Taiwan IBM2/DMRV [17,21,32]
E04: p.R246W (cgg>tgg) 5 America IBM2/DMRV [2,25,28,32]
E04: p.R246Q (cgg>cag) 5 Bahamas Taiwan IBM2/DMRV [1,15,21,25]
I04: IVS4+4 (Skips E04) 1 Japan IBM2/DMRV [5]
E05: p.R277C (cgt>tgt) 1 France IBM2/DMRV [24]
E05: p.P283S (cca>tca) 1 Japan IBM2/DMRV [12]
E05: p.L290X (ttg>tag) 1 Thailand IBM2/DMRV [34]
E05: p.I298T(att>act) 2 India, China IBM2/DMRV [25,36]
E05: p.C303Xstop (tgt>tga) 4 India IBM2/DMRV [1,10,14]
E05: p.C303V (tgt>gtt) 1 Japan IBM2/DMRV [3]
E05: p.R306Q (cga>caa) 1 Japan IBM2/DMRV [5]
E05: p.A310P (gct>cct) 2 Italian IBM2/DMRV [28]
E05: p.V315M (gtg>atg) 1 America IBM2/DMRV
E06: p.V331A (gtt>gct) 1 Japan IBM2/DMRV [5]
E06: p.H333R (cat>cgt) 1 USA IBM2/DMRV [31]
E06: p.R335W (cgg>tgg) 1 USA IBM2/DMRV [19]
E06: p.L347del, p.H348N (ctgcac>aac) 1 USA IBM2/DMRV [19]
E06: p.R335W (cgg>tgg) 1 Am/Eur IBM2/DMRV [25]
I06: Alternative Splicing Q355_C357del/G352fsX15 (c.1070+2dupT, insertion) 1 Italy IBM2/DMRV [15]
E07: p.Y361X(tat>tag) 1 USA IBM2/DMRV [31]
E07: p.V367I (gtt>att) 1 Iran IBM2/DMRV [13]
E07: p.L319H (ctt>cat) 4 Tunisia IBM2/DMRV [16]
E07: p.I377fsX16 (1130delT] 1 Italy IBM2/DMRV [15]
E07: p.D378Y (gat>tat) 4 Japan IBM2/DMRV [5,6]
E07: p.R420X (cga>tga) 1 Japan IBM2/DMRV [12]
E07: p.V421A (gtt>gct) 2 Japan IBM2/DMRV [12]
E08: p.Q436X (cag>tag) 1 Taiwan IBM2/DMRV [25]
E08: p.K432RfsX17 (aag>ag) 1 Netherland/Euro IBM2/DMRV [26]
E08: p.A460V (gct>gtt) 2 Japan IBM2/DMRV [9]
E09: p.I472T (att>act) 3 Japan IBM2/DMRV [5,11]
E09: p.L508S (ttg>tcg) 7 China IBM2/DMRV [32]
E09: p.H509Y (cat>tat) 1 China IBM2/DMRV [32,33]
E09: p.P511H (cct>cat) 1 Asia IBM2/DMRV [23]
E09: p.P511L (cct>ctt) 1 Thailand IBM2/DMRV [22]
E09: p.W513X (tgg>tga) 2 Chinese IBM2/DMRV [17,32]
E09: p.N519S (aac>agc) 2 Italy IBM2/DMRV [15]
E09: p.A524V (gcg>gtg) 1,1 South Am, Thailand IBM2/DMRV [2,21]
E09: p.F528C (ttt>tgt) 4 Germany/USA IBM2/DMRV [6,30]
E10: p.L556S (ttg>tcg) 1 Am/Eur IBM2/DMRV [25]
E10: p.I557T (atc>acc) 3 Italy IBM2/DMRV [6,12]
E10: p.G559R (gga>aga) 1 Greece IBM2/DMRV [14]
E10: p.V572L (gtg>ctg) 44 Japan/Korea IBM2/DMRV [4,5,9,11,12,18,20,32]
E10: p.G576E (ggg>gag) 2 America IBM2/DMRV [1]
E10: p.I587T (att>act) 4 Italy/China IBM2/DMRV [6,27,32,36]
E10: p.A591T (gcc>acc) 1 Korea/China IBM2/DMRV [18]
E10: p.A600T (gca>aca) 2 Italy IBM2/DMRV [15]
I10: p.G545_D605del (c.1816+5G>A) 5 Italy IBM2/DMRV [35]
E11: p.A630T (gct>act) 1 Japan IBM2/DMRV [5]
E11: p.S615X (tca>tga) 1 Am/Eur IBM2/DMRV [25]
E11: p.A631T (gcg>acg) 4 Asia IBM2/DMRV [1,5,10]
E11: p.A631V (gcg>gtg) 14 Japan/USA/China IBM2/DMRV [3,5,10,12,25,30,32,36]
E11: p.I656N (atc>aac) 1 Thailand IBM2/DMRV [22]
E12: p.Y675H (tat>cat) 3 South Am- IBM2/DMRV [2,25]
E12: p.V679G (gtc>ggc) 1 French IBM2/DMRV [24]
E12: p.V696M (gtg>atg) 14 India/Thai/China/Am/Eur IBM2/DMRV [1,14,22,25,26,34,35,36]
E12: p.G708S (ggt>agt) 1 Japan IBM2/DMRV [12]
E12: p.M712T (atg>acg) 161 Middle East IBM2/DMRV [1,2,7,12,16,25,27]
OTHER: E3-E9 deletion 2 Italy IBM2/DMRV [8]


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