History of HRG

HRG was organized in 2002-2003 by Dr. Daniel Darvish and colleagues, with the primary purpose of engaging in medical research regarding hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathies (hIBM). Dr. Darvish worked in affiliation with various universities and non-profit research organizations, a network of interested researchers, and community physicians. With the support of experts in each field of medicine and research, we can realize our goal of developing an effective treatment in the shortest time possible by providing collaborative infrastructure and reagents specific for HIBM. Over the past few years we have been able to successfully form a network of interested researchers and physicians working collaboratively towards this goal.

HRG continues to offer biomedical research sample distribution, patient coordination, research development services, and professional biomedical consultation. Our services are geared for interdisciplinary fields required for optimal biomedical research, spanning from bench-side research, animal (pre-clinical) trials, to human (clinical) trials.

Following completion of accreditation and licensing, HRG began providing rapid genetic diagnostic services for HIBM, and is currently expanding clinical testing services to include diagnostic testing for other severely disabling diseases.

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