Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: HRG was organized to speed up development of effective treatments for Autosomal Recessive Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy or GNE Myopathy. Our mission includes accomplishing this goal in the most efficient manner possible, with special emphasis on considerations of results/duration/cost value of biomedical research activities.

Vision: We envision the goal to be divided to 1) further clarifying the mechanism that leads to GNE Myopathy muscle damage, 2) prevention of muscle damage cause by GNE Myopathy, and 3) muscle regeneration. Even though HRG personnel often make significant personal sacrifices in the pursuit of these noble goals, developing an effective treatment for a currently untreatable disorder can be very difficult and costly. Fortunately, recent scientific data suggest that GNE Myopathy may be easier to treat than more common muscle wasting disorders, and the prospect of developing an effective treatment for GNE Myopathy is very promising.

Values: HRG employees and volunteers are our most valued resource, and are encouraged to achieve excellence in their field on a daily basis. Additionally, HRG believes teamwork and dedication are the keys to success, and sharing of knowledge and skills are the focal point of these keys. Together, we will relentlessly pursue the discovery of effective treatment.

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