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-/* -------------------------------------------- 
-Only edit the word after the "​|"​ pipe character. The pipe character looks like a straight vertical line "​|"​ and it is usually located below the "​Backspace"​ key on US keyboard. ​ You need to hold down the Shift key, otherwise you may get backslash "​\"​. 
-For more information re the pipe character, see http://​​wiki/​Vertical_bar 
-You need the EXTRA LINE between each item or it won't work  
-because the list must be rendered as different <​ul></​ul>​. 
------------- Please edit below this line --------- */ 
-  * [[:​fr:​about_arm:​contact_us | Contact Us]] 
-  * [[:​fr:​careers | Careers]] 
-  * [[:​fr:​community:​get_involved | Get Involved]]