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Get Involved

Share the Story of ARM

Be a part of ARM’s campaign by raising awareness. Share your story and the story of ARM. Talk about all the bright, talented, passionate and inspiring HIBM patients and families with your friends, colleagues, co-workers and significant others. Just speaking about ARM and HIBM with the people around you helps us more than you could ever imagine.


ARM is always seeking passionate, motivated and skilled volunteers. Everyone has talent and abilities and we would love for you to be a part of ARM and its future. We seek individuals of all ages with different skills and experiences. If you speak other languages, Help Translate the web pages and stories so people around the world can become a part of our global community.

If you have significant experience or believe you would be excellent at organizing conferences, gala dinners, parties, informative seminars, writing news-worthy articles, or if you work as a graphics designer, artist, photographer, film producer, public relations manager or corporate consultant then we would love to hear from you!

If you would like to be involved as a volunteer, and join our great journey towards a treatment for HIBM, please contact ARM at (800) ARM-2000.

The easiest way to help is by financial support. Every penny counts and can significantly help speed up the development of an effective treatment. With the current rapidly advancing science and medical technology, it is likely to develop an effective treatment or intervention in the very near future. Please share with your loved ones and friends regarding our efforts and your involvement.