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Personal Stories

HIBM, though rare, affects the global community and we are privileged to share with you the following testimonies from patients around the world.

ARM is unique and special because it is patients that are directly involved in helping to achieve a cure. In 1997 ARM was founded by brothers, physicians and HIBM patients, Dr. Daniel and Dr. Babak Darvish. Since, they have dedicated their lives to HIBM research and to spreading awareness. The patients are the reason ARM is here, for its current and future generations and we welcome you to experience the stories of each patient through their eyes.

“Their story, yours and mine - it's what we all carry with us on this trip we take, and we owe it to each other to respect our stories and learn from them”

Patient Story List:

Babak Darvish, MD, ARM Co-Founder, President and Physician, California
Daniel Darvish, MD, ARM Co-Founder, HIBM Research Scientist, California
Kam, Industrial Designer, ARM Board Member and Creative Director, California
Julie Ogden, Research Nurse, Louisiana
Harmony Frederick, Lending Analyst, California
Cara Yar Khan, United Nations Private Sector Specialist, Beijing
Taylor Hines, PhD Student, California
Kim Mason, Ohio
Roya, Student, Artist and Writer
Falguni Dattani, New Jersey
Mayu, Jewelry and Interior Designer, Japan
Yumi Suda, Japan
Debbie, Texas

More to come…

If you are a patient yourself and would like to post your own personal story, or connect with other patients through an online support group, please Contact Us. We will connect you to the proper contacts with privacy.